Blast SMS Bulk SMS Delivery
Convenient and Dependable SMS Text Messaging through your PC or on the Web

Blast SMS offers two excellent ways for you to get your message across. Send messages using the desktop application right from your PC to anyone anywhere in the world. Or go on-line and use the dependable web-based interface to conveniently send SMS. Wherever you are and whenever you need to, from corporate needs to personal messages, Blast SMS makes it easy and convenient to send SMS text messages.

Messenger (Web)

Powerful and User-Friendly Web-Based SMS Text Messaging

Blast SMS Messenger (Web) offers the perfect platform for businesses to get their message across. Readily send SMS text messages wherever and whenever you need to. With its user-friendly interface and dependable service, Blast SMS gives your business the fast and low cost solution it needs to communicate efficiently with clients and partners.

Blast SMS Messenger (Web) gives you the ability to:

  • Send SMS text messages wherever there's Internet Access
  • Personalize your messages effortlessly with the easy-to-use interface
  • Easily import contacts from Excel and CSV files
  • Manage your contacts and groups efficiently
  • Smoothly schedule broadcasts for marketing campaigns
  • Program messages to send on your contact's birthday
  • Save pretyped messages for convenient use
  • Deliver SMS to anyone anywhere in the world
  • See smart and in-depth reports to monitor and analyze message campaigns

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